Spectators are a key component to keeping runners' motivations high. Here are some helpful tips for those who are spectating.

  • The only way to see runners or walkers during the race is to drive from spot to spot. If you do, plan for some traffic congestion at key locations—there will be others who have the same idea as you.
  • Know your athlete's anticipated pace to you can estimate when they will arrive at your next viewing location.
  • Be a help! Throw a bag in your car with things like extra socks, an extra shirt, toilet paper, petroleum jelly, or lip balm. Unexpected things can happen on the course and these items can help out.
  • Cheer on your athlete and all the others. There's nothing better than to be cheered on while running the race. A smile, thumbs up, or a "way to go!" is all it takes. As the miles pile on and motivation wanes, hearing encouragement will help keep runners' spirits high. Cheering on all who pass will no doubt push athletes to do their best.

Live Tracking

For the marathon, there are timing mats at the 4M, 13.1M, 17.6M (train), 20M, 23.1M and the finish. For the Hannaford Supermarkets Half Marathon there are timing mats at 4.5M, 6.9M, 10M, and finish. Spectators will be able to track athletes as they cross each timing mat, provided by the timing company, ARE Event Productions.

More Info

More information about spectating, and general info about the race can be found using the links below.